Recently Published Node.js Articles

I recently started writing for the blog at with a focus on Node.js topics. Here is a summary of some of my posts and links to the original articles. Switching between Node versions during development This article discusses two popular methods that allow you to install multiple versions of Node on your device and … Continue reading Recently Published Node.js Articles


Using Node 11.7 Worker Threads with RxJS Observable

With the release of Node 11.7, the worker_threads module becomes a standard feature and is no longer hidden behind the --experimental-worker switch. The worker_threads module allows developers to run JavaScript asynchronously in light-weight, isolated threads contained within the main Node process. This article will be focusing on how use worker threads to execute a task asynchronously and stream data from that task back to the rest of your Node application using RxJS Observables.

Using a Chrome Developer Profile with Visual Studio Code Debugger

When developing web apps in Visual Studio Code, I find myself using the built-in debugger to conveniently launch my web application in Chrome. Initially I was using the following launch.json configuration to launch Chrome and the debugger: This launch configuration works pretty well. It launches a new instance of Chrome pointed to my web application's … Continue reading Using a Chrome Developer Profile with Visual Studio Code Debugger

Completing the Angular 2 Quick Start in VS Code

The Angular 2 quick start walks you through setting up and running a very simple Angular 2 application. If you are trying to complete the quick start in Visual Studio Code (VS Code), there are a few extra steps to complete before you can build and run the application. This article discusses how to run the Angular 2 quick start application in VS Code using the lite-server NPM module. You can see the complete source code referenced in this article on GitHub in the briandesousa/angular2-quickstart-vscode repository.

First Post from Microsoft Word 2016

Today I installed Microsoft Office 2016 via the Home Users Program (HUP). I'm quite impressed at how smooth the installation was and how sharp and responsive the new Office interface is. Integration with online services is top notch, including being able to author this post directly from Word and publish directly to my blog!

Scripting the Creation of a IBM WebSphere Server Profile

As a developer that builds JEE applications that are deployed to IBM WebSphere application servers, I have spent a lot of time creating and configuring WebSphere application server profiles. There are several ways to automate the creation of a WebSphere server profile. The route I have chosen to take is a combination of leveraging built-in WebSphere … Continue reading Scripting the Creation of a IBM WebSphere Server Profile